1: Origin Story: Sam Glass

Apology up front: There was very bad background noise from the AC we had going on. So I was forced to learn how to edit things in post because Sam was gone and I was really bothered by the constant background hum. So the solution was to yank the Low Cut setting way down in Garageband EQ Controls. and the rest can be tweaked to get an optimal audio experience (important to have a nice handoff from intro to main part) Here are some helpful links:

  • https://medium.com/@jowie/a-podcaster-s-guide-to-noise-reduction-e8cad9fc21f4
  • https://www.gadgetdaily.xyz/how-to-customise-the-imovie-interface/
  • https://sound.stackexchange.com/questions/25290/boost-volume-of-track-in-garageband

Show Notes

  • What is your background? Humanities (English and Medieval Studies)
  • Why did you decide the time is right to do a bootcamp? Friend did AppAcademy, wanted to commit
  • How did you decide on this particular bootcamp? Focus on general developer skills, first to accept vs AppAcademy
  • Take us through your precourse work. What did you learn? Basic JS, Objects, prototypes, recursion, jQuery.
  • What do you expect about the next phase of the bootcamp? Difficulty and camaraderie
  • What do you think you could build right now? DnD NPC generator


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