Recommendation: Clearly Product Book Club on the Knowing-Doing Gap

In a past life I was a product manager and I still keep in touch with that world through podcasts.

That informs this post in two ways. The first is called the Gap.


If you have great ambitions to get better at anything, you will definitionally feel like you suck.

Ira Glass, the proto-podcaster at NPR, calls this The Gap. Have a listen.


The Clearly Product Book Club is an audio book club by two outstanding PMs and this episode focused on the book Creative Confidence. In particular the ways we kill creativity. A lot of the discussion focused on impostor syndrome and self sabotage. They refine Ira to call it The Knowing-Doing gap and you need to swing between both.

It is widely known that the group that focuses on quantity will beat the group that focuses on quality, in BOTH quantity AND quality. A lot of tiny, tiny steps get you further than trying to take one big step. Check out their episode here.