0: Hello World

Hello world! This is the first post in what hopefully will be the first season of a podcast series on learning to code. I am the host, @swyx. We have 7 regular panelists lined up who will be making regular appearances:

And we hope to have some great guests over the course of the next three months. Onward and upward!

Show topics:

  • Why am I doing this? To put myself out there to 1) remind my future self what I am going through and 2) to help others who might be in the same boat.
  • Who am I? Finance -> Tech, loves podcasts.
  • These first few episodes are basically mic tests so I am doing them solo.
  • Figuring out Squarespace for the blog and getting awesome music
  • Season 0 is about Learning to Code. We have 7 panelists who you'll meet. Will last about 3 months.


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