Crosspost: Impostor Syndrome on Productivity In Tech

I have not previously done a lot of promotion for this show, but since graduating from the bootcamp I have had more time to get the word out there! I recently linked up with Jay Miller of the Productivity In Tech Podcast where he coaches and interviews people in tech on getting the most out of their workday.

The numbers don't lie: there are 28,000 Computer Science graduates a year and the number of Computing related jobs is growing at 69,000 a year. The number of people who get into coding without a traditional background is going to grow and potentially be a majority of people in software. So I wanted to make sure that these people have a voice too!

This was a lot of fun to record and I will be looking for more podcasts to go on to share what we are doing here. 

You can listen here on my feed or head over to Productivity in Tech to give Jay some love!