8: Origin Story: Philip Fahim

"I want to build an app that visualizes structural forces in 3D"

Show Notes

  • What is your background? Recent grad in Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Why did you decide the time is right to do a bootcamp? Wanted to go beyond Excel, Tried to learn HTML/CSS/JS with Codecademy, wanted to go further
  • How did you decide on this particular bootcamp? Free choice of capstone project, excuse to travel to NYC, not so frequent tests, Fullstack JS is appealing
  • What was the application process and what did you do to prepare? Codecademy and AppAcademy bootcamp prep.
  • Take us through your precourse work. What did you learn? Foundations was extremely challenging. Forgot how to do a nested loop and actually failed the first stage.
  • What do you expect about the next phase of the bootcamp?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • What do you think you could build right now? 3D Structural forces visualization


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