35: Capstone Checkin: Sam Glass

"I feel a sense of loyalty and pride"

I caught up with Sam at the end of his Senior Fellowship to reflect on the entirety of the past 6 months of his time at Fullstack Academy. Sam never fails to deliver the best turns of phrase and I can't do any justice if I summarized his feelings, but they are deep. If you hear some silence in the recording, that's not a mistake, it was just that difficult to put this experience into words. We also turn the tables a bit and Sam interviews me about... interviewing!

  • See Sam's past Checkins here.

  • The consequences of transitioning from Student to Teacher

  • What qualities do Fellows need to have?

  • Patience. It's hard to resist solving problems for people or overhelping people.

  • What training do you get on teaching? Yes - our instructors role play and the Fellows have to figure out how to teach them.

  • Tips for fighting "As soon as you left, I forgot everything": Be OK with uncomfortable silences. Force the student to make an attempt.

  • Live coding while you teach is the ultimate interview prep. Being able to talk while coding.

  • The Beautiful Liminal period between School and Work

  • The fellowship is not repetitive - you don't have to attend the lectures again. The main demand on your time is the workshops.

  • What's teaching REACTO (algo problems) like? Scary. Priority queue optimized approach was something we didn't cover.


  • Personal Projects?

  • React Native knowledge base

  • Making a Study Calendar, Palendar - Material UI, Enzyme testing, SVG icons. 

  • People care about cute animals

  • What you learn from building your own apps

  • Building a Portfolio? Conflicting advice from people on the importance of a porfolio

  • The Job Hunt

  • Network aggressively (the alumni network) vs Cold applying (3% success rate)

  • Reflecting on Fullstack's impact

  • Transitioning from a career in publishing where everything is subjective

  • Strangely feeling loyalty to Fullstack Academy more than with college

  • Speaking to future Sam: Working in a place a lot like Fullstack where mutual growth is prized, with space to explore network engineering.

  • Digressing about TCP/IP vs GraphQL :)

  • Questions about the Interviewing process

  • CSS was a surprise - it's a function of what job you want. UI jobs will have CSS involved, backend jobs won't

  • What to do when unexpected things happen in an interview?

  • Steve Yegge: Get the job at Google

  • Serenity Prayer

  • Algorithms: Go for breadth rather than depth

  • Don't spend more time on your Capstone

  • Teach your interviewer if you can

  • You Don't Know JS: Generators



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