32: Capstone Checkin: Philip Fahim

"Know Your Worth"

I caught up with Philip just as he graduated from his program in Dec 2017. As you heard in Midpoint Checkin on episode 14 he decided to go through Junior Phase of the bootcamp for the second time, and we talk a lot about the differences he saw. In particular, doing Redux for a second time made it a lot easier and he was also able to assume more of a teach-to-learn role, which I talked about last episode. We then go over his award winning Stackathon as well as his Capstone project Marca, and finally discuss the job hunt and Knowing Your Worth.


  • See Philip's past Checkins here.

  • What was it like to retake Junior Phase? Easier the second time, took more of a teaching role. Now Redux makes perfect sense!

  • What made you want to tackle it again? There's no reason to give up. This is just a minor setback in the grand scheme of things.

  • What was different about the second cohort? It was very studious, they finished the workshops on time. Cohort sizes are increasing but people are also getting better.

  • Stackathon project? A slackbot for Finding seats after a lecture - won the Developer award for his cohort! (Github)

  • Discussion of the process of ideation for the Capstone

  • Stephen Grider's Webpack course

  • Take us through your Capstone. What is Marca? App for bookmarking things with social media.

  • What was the stack behind Marca? React/Redux/Postrgres/Chrome Extension/Mercury API

  • Making a Chrome extension (docs) with JQuery. There is a world outside React!

  • Design decisions: Semantic UI vs Bootstrap - Semantic is more react-friendly

  • Process of Presentations - preparing the 4 minute Screencast is the low point of the Capstone.

  • There were quite a few new items in the stack that were not taught during junior phase. What’s the story behind these decisions? Webscraping - Doing the MVP by doing their own scraping but eventually using Mercury's API

  • A theme I am investigating this round is how many teams dropped Redux+Node+Express+SQL for Firebase. What were the challenges in learning a totally new backend, and what were the tradeoffs you discovered? Didn't see the need for Firebase.

  • Thinking back to other team presentations on demo day, which of them stood out and why? Boilerplate Pro - very practical and useful

  • Taking a look back at Senior Phase as a whole, what have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before? Working with other people, Communication over code. Kanban (Waffle.io or Github Projects) helped. No need for leaders if everyone is aligned!

  • Turning to the Job Hunt: What is Career Prep at Fullstack like? Just getting the interview first - reviewing Resume and Github.

  • "Know Your Worth" - how you can believe you are valuable after a bootcamp.

  • Practice your personal Pitch

  • Any recent updates on your professional ambitions? Still interested in the "full stack" of things

  • Post bootcamp cliff: Taking a short break at home, but coming back to New York. A lot of algorithm practice. Learning Python.

  • What are you thinking of building right now? Working more on Marca - with emailing and more social dimensions



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