No Zero Days - An Audio Essay

Hello! Did you miss me? Welcome to the first episode of 2018! I'm sorry it's been a long break, real life got in the way, but I have good news to share. We are going to continue on with the panelist stories but I wanted to kick off 2018 sharing my own story. I wrote it up for Hacker Noon over the Winter break and the response has been phenomenal, 4k claps and a lot of great conversations on Medium and on Twitter. I was really inspired by Haseeb Qureshi's recent audio essay about negotiating. So for this episode I'm going to just read my essay which I've also linked in the show notes. If you're starting a similar career transition from finance into coding, I have a lot of guiding principles that might help you in your journey! If you've found this podcast from the essay, feel free to skip it and I'll see you at the next Checkin.

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