30: Capstone Checkin: Oscar Ramirez

"This whole process has narrowed down what I want to do!"

I sat down with Oscar to talk about his capstone project CaptAR, which is a mobile geolocation game, and how the senior phase of the bootcamp has helped him focus in on what he wants to do in the next phase of his career.

I've made sure to include the CaptAR demo video and other useful links in the show notes, so be sure to check them out.

Just a housekeeping note, this will be the last episode this year as I take off for the holidays but I am really looking forward to returning with the rest of the panel next year. I know you are eagerly awaiting the all important final round where we find out where each of our panelists end up after their bootcamp journey. Please let me know at @swyx on Twitter or swyx@swyx.io on email if you have any questions YOU would like to ask the panelists! Additionally, as Season 0 comes to a close, I am thinking about other ideas for the next season of Impostor Syndrome. If you have them, let me know!

But for now, here's Oscar as of October 20th, talking about his Senior Phase.

Real-time, multi-player, geolocation-based, Capture the Flag mobile game, implemented using React-Native, React-Redux and Firebase. TEAM MEMBERS: Jordan Park Jannine Chan Anuj Pant Oscar Ramirez ---- Fullstack Academy was recently ranked the #1 coding bootcamp in the U.S. Learn more at https://www.fullstackacademy.com.


  • See Oscar's background here.

  • Coding for business vs coding for pleasure.

  • Take us through your Capstone. What is CaptAR? Geolocation game of Capture the Flag on mobile.

  • What was the stack behind CaptAR? React Native (Geolocation, Camera, Maps), Redux, Firebase

  • Using Firebase with Redux

  • There were quite a few new items in the stack that were not taught during junior phase. What’s the story behind these decisions? Mitigating tech risk, proof of concept: Geolocation, Camera, GPS. Always ready to pivot to other ideas but just worked through the problems by looking up settings in React Native and XCode.

  • A theme I am investigating this round is how many teams dropped Redux+Node+Express+SQL for Firebase. What were the challenges in learning a totally new backend, and what were the tradeoffs you discovered? Depends on usecase, realtime matters for this usecase so Firebase made sense. SQL isnt going anywhere!

  • Reviewing thoughts on React Native - very positive! Would create another mobile app.

  • Thinking back to other team presentations on demo day, which of them stood out and why? The other teams were very impressive, SoundCrowd, RecipeMe, and other dataviz projects

  • Taking a look back at Senior Phase as a whole, what have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before? I am usually the person to break consensus, e.g. in the Grace Shopper project where there were a lot of strong personalities. In Capstone in particular contributed to state management in a multiuser context. The trick is to make the data pipeline as compact and small as possible.

  • Turning to the Job Hunt: What is Career Prep at Fullstack like? Helpful to start looking for a job again, sprucing up resume, Career Services gave better pointers than the outplacement services on questions. Framework for asking questions: PRC: Culture, Role, and Product.

  • Any recent updates on your professional ambitions? I knew I wanted to be more hands-on, but now I know the clientside state management is what I'm interested in (i.e. the React-Redux side). Moving from backend to clientside state management.

  • Post bootcamp cliff: Continuing waking up early, doing algo practice even at his level.

  • What are you thinking of building right now? Got a personal profile page up. Going to start trying out JHipster.

  • Needing backends in some language other than Javascript.

  • Thinking about System Architecture and best practices.


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