22: Winning Stackathon with David Ko

"Don't lone wolf it!"

Special Guest episode!! 🎊 People love special guest eps (with Mel and Derrick) and I'm always keeping an ear out for a story I can tell. At the midpoint of Senior Phase in many bootcamps is a hackathon (which we call a "Stackathon" of course) where you have 3-4 days' free reign to hack on whatever it is you want and finally present to peers and judges. David Ko came out of total stealth with a jaw-dropping demo of HotSpot, his Hotjar clone, and I knew I had to have him on as a guest to talk about the experience!

1707-FSA-NY Stackathon Projects

Show Notes

  • What's your background? Cornell Pre-Med, self-taught SQL/VBA doing clinical trials (example data analysis in Python and Google BigQuery). Roommate also did Fullstack and now works at Spotify.

  • How was your Stackathon experience? One of the most stressful periods of his life.

  • What was David's Stackathon project? HotSpot: User analytics tracking on top of his ecommerce site. Referrer, clicks, and screentime. (Video Presentation - Working Demo - Github)

  • What did people do for Stackathon projects? See image above in show notes

  • Mitigating Tech Risk: Custom modal and root onClickHandler

  • Exploiting bubbling event propagation

  • Overlaying the data on the screen

  • Transforming numbers to colors in D3

  • Using React with D3, jQuery with React

  • How was the Presentation? Keep the suspense.

  • My Stackathon - a React Native boilerplate

  • Capstone expectations? No games - making a developer tool (Note from the future: He actually did! He worked with Eli and we will be checking in with her about that project in a future episode)

  • Visualizing algorithms and data structures

  • Advice for people considering bootcamps? Important to reach out to others, keep an open mind, don't "lone wolf" it.


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