18: Midpoint Checkin: Sam Glass

"Writing a novel and writing a program are not that different: To build something big, you cannot (just) rely on inspiration"

Show Notes

  • Remind us of your background? English/History major, worked in Publishing (Sam's Origin Story here)

  • Take us through your junior phase. What did you learn? It accelerated my favorite things about learning to code: grappling with new concepts. How databases connect to servers, how servers connect to the frontend libraries and frameworks. "Thinking so hard that my brain would hurt!"

  • What did you find particularly challenging? Going to England for a personal trip right in the middle of React Week! Underestimating the Senior Project based on just the backend. Juggling being at a wedding while doing the React workshops. Built Senior Project entirely without Redux which was self-inflicted pain. Also found it difficult to pair program on new things.

  • Writing a novel vs writing code: To build something big, you cannot rely on inspiration. Sticking to the plan. Agile workflow for writers.

  • Maintaining interpersonal relationships between developers and the broader social responsibility of developers.

  • "Fake it til you make it" in social situations!

  • The Difficulty of Asking for Help from Peers

  • Spending time on learning about core things like Promises vs on frameworks like React

  • What do you expect about the senior bootcamp? Doing "real stuff" now, working with a team, codifying coding practices and laying out group norms.

  • Tech talk on GraphQL: REST Api's could move toward GraphQL in future!

  • Professional Aspirations: Nothing definite yet, still fascinated by everything. "Good job that allows me to do cool stuff" - as opposed to Startups that change the world

  • What are you building right now? Building the Dungeons and Dragons side project from Episode 1!



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