17: Midpoint Checkin: Eli Seite

"Burnout is real. Please DO take care of yourselves!"

Show Notes

  • Remind us of your background? Worked in HR/Fintech! (Origin Story Ep 11)

  • Take us through your junior phase. What did you learn? Dove into frontend/backend, including React/Redux, not just Wordpress sites. Including Passport.js and web security

  • What did you find particularly challenging? Staying healthy and taking care of yourself. Never took a break from coding and became physically, mentally exhausted. Those hours were not necessarily productive!

  • What was the most enjoyable part? Trip Planner, Testing (mocha and chai)

  • How Burnout feels: "Wow... I can't think anymore." Reaching out to Mel Martins.

  • Working on the Grace Shopper project team and feeling like she is not contributing.

  • What do you expect about the senior phase of the bootcamp? Hope for a good team. Some teams have personality conflicts and poor communication. Open to working on anything as long as it is a strong team.

  • Gripes about Sequelize (and testing thereof...)

  • What are you building right now? Doing her tech talk on Tokenization (a Cybersecurity topic). Chrome Extension for Stackathon!

  • Digital Wallets

  • Technical Public Speaking (and the challenges of removing vocal tics...)

  • Advice to the next class of Juniors: Watch out for burnout!

  • Career Aspirations as we head to the end of Senior Phase



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