16: Midpoint Checkin: Emily Eastlake

"If -everything- matters, then nothing matters"

Show Notes

  • Remind us of your background? Bioengineering degree, math teacher, outdoor guide! (Emily's Origin Story here)

  • Take us through your junior phase. What did you learn? Intense, rapid fire! What matters is getting used to the big picture and the process. When you work as a Software Engineer you are going to be able to Google things. Most important is getting better at debugging, designing, being familiar with frameworks and the backend to frontend flow.

  • What did you find particularly challenging? There is always too much to learn and everything is important - so it is important not to get tripped up over any individual concept. 

  • What do you expect about the next phase of the bootcamp? Tech Talk on Tensorflow - smoothing over the technical details. Expected senior phase to be stressful: open ended projects + short deadlines + teamwork. So far it hasn't been stressful!

  • What are you building right now? Doing Stackathon - The Dog Park app from Episode 5! transferring knowledge from React to React Native, doing something completely new.

  • Misc topics: Reflections on giving tech talks. Dealing with long requirement lists. Work-life balance during bootcamps (Knowing your stamina). Professional ambitions and hacks (work or intern somewhere where you normally wouldn't have got in). Time management tips. Programming interview reflections.


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