15: Midpoint Checkin: Rasprit Kaur

"I can make an app right now!"

Show Notes

  • Remind us of your background? Dropped out of CS degree (Raz's Origin Story here)

  • Take us through your junior phase. What did you learn? Learned the full stack - started liking the backend stuff!

  • What did you find particularly challenging? Frontend was surprisingly more challenging than expected - had never seen anything like React before. Decided to push herself to use React-Redux for the Senior Enrichment Project which meant spending a lot of extra hours and late nights as there is no help given. 

  • How did you stay motivated through the difficult parts? The environment was very encouraging - seeing peers struggle and get through difficulties inspires you to do the same.

  • What surprised you about your experience so far? Started liking the backend stuff (Node and Sequelize) more than frontend which is a complete about turn from college days! Also just being able to make a full stack app in just six weeks.

  • What do you expect about the next phase of the bootcamp? Format is a little different - practicing real world whiteboard interviews ("Reacto"). Beginning the job search. Focusing on React Native development. Building a cat accessories shop for Grace Shopper project.

  • What are you building right now? React Native apps!📱

  • The awesome, supportive community at Grace Hopper 😃


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