14: Midpoint Checkin: Philip Fahim

"I don't expect life to be smooth sailing."

Show Notes

  • Remind us of your background? Structural engineer, recent grad (Philip's Origin Story here)

  • Take us through your junior phase. What did you learn? Challenging, learned the NERDS stack.

  • What did you find particularly challenging? The final test was extremely hard - understanding the questions was tough. Did not pass the test and forgot key details in the senior enrichment project; did not graduate to senior phase and was given the choice of leaving or repeating junior phase.

  • How did you stay motivated through the difficult parts? I don't expect life to be smooth sailing - expect failures to happen and it's ok.

  • What surprised you about your experience so far? Failing junior phase and questioning: "Am I really good enough?"

  • What do you expect about the next phase of the bootcamp? Filling in the gaps, attending CS Saturdays.

  • What are you building right now? A simple version of AirBnB, inspired by the Trip Planner project (which EVERYONE loves).

  • Learning by Teaching


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