13: React+Redux Roundtable with Elisabeth Seite and Ranjeet Sodhi

This is our second Roundtable session and it takes place right after React/Redux week, which is the most intense part of the Junior phase of our bootcamp. So I figured it was a really good time to sit down with Eli (her intro here) and Ranjeet (his intro here) and recap what just happened. Because even we aren't quite sure.

We refer to projects by their names and they aren't immediately obvious so I have included links to deployed versions of them in the show notes below.


  • A day-by-day recap of React/Redux week
  • Confusion between React, Redux, and "react-redux"
  • Observations on Teaching Methodology
  • Going from copy-and-paste to knowing by heart
  • The out of class (Nights and Weekends) commitment needed
  • How would you explain React now to your former selves?
  • ES6 problems: React vs ES6, ES6 vs Node
  • How would you explain Redux now to your former selves?
  • Using React-Redux to map containers onto components
  • Plans for Review Week: Tech Talks and Projects


  • Trip Planner - Itinerary planning tool with Maps. built in vanilla JS.
  • Juke - Spotify clone built with React and React-Router
  • StackChat - Slack clone built with React and Redux

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