12: The Student Experience with Mel Martins

"Separate Anxiety from Reality"

Show Notes:

  • What does a Student Experience Specialist at a coding bootcamp do?
  • Impostor Syndrome in Bootcamp Students
  • How do bootcamps monitor the non-technical health of their students?
  • Progressive Technical Debt in Bootcamps
  • Separating Reality from Anxiety
  • How do I know if I should ask for help?
  • Immigrants/ESL in Bootcamps
  • Project Management/Teamwork in Bootcamps
  • The Role of Fellows in Bootcamps
  • Looking out for "silent"/burned out students
  • The Out-of-Class Student Experience: Friends and Family Night
  • Senior Panel (Experience sharing between cohorts)
  • Hot Seat (Sharing personal stories)
  • The Challenges of Collecting Feedback

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