10: WikiStack Roundtable with Oscar and Ranjeet

This is our first Roundtable session right after our WikiStack project, which is a Wikipedia clone, the first "full-stack" project that Full Stack and Grace Hopper students attempt just 2 weeks into the program. (The stack is: Node, Express, Nunjucks, and Sequelize). Because it is a casual conversation between fellow campers, a lot of words and terms are thrown about with assumed knowledge, but this should give you a sense of the typical table conversations we are having while in the bootcamp.


  • Progressive Technical Debt
  • How the workshops work
  • Copying and pasting instead of Learning
  • Learning from Review videos
  • Computer problems and postgres problems
  • "There's Never Enough Time"
  • Pairing Problems
  • Senior Phase - Stackathon
  • Mixing D3 and React
  • Sequelize versioning Problems
  • Senior Phase - GraceShopper, Stackathon, Capstone
  • Full Stack Scaffolding
  • "What is Webpack?"
  • Doing CS Saturdays
  • WTF Javascript: JavaScript Functions have lengths
  • WTF Javascript: Object attributes don't have to be declared
  • Humor in Workshop notes


  • LICECap for making GIF screen captures
  • Wikistack - the Wikipedia clone we worked on
  • WTF Javascript: Wat

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